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Don't just visit Japan - experience the magic of Japan: We have chosen a unique collection of superb hotels and luxury ryokans with Onsens (hot spring spa baths) to ensure your experience to Japan is truly wonderful. View our Ryokan & Hotel selection below, to see why travelling with Magical Japan is unsurpassed.

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2017 Escorted Small Group Tour - Hotel & Ryokan Selection

Hakone - Tenseien Ryokan & Onsen Hot spring spa (Western Style room)

Takayama - Hoshokaku Ryokan with Onsen spa (Japanese Style room) or Hilda plaza hotel

Matsumoto - Matsumoto Tokyo Inn, Matsumoto Rei Hotel (Western Style room)

Yudanaka - Issano Komichi Biyuno Yado Ryokan with Onsen (Japanese Style room)

Miyajima Island - Miyajima Seaview hotel (Ryokan) or Miyajima Makoto Ryokan (Japanese Style room)

Kyoto - Granvia Kyoto - New Miyako hotel or similar (Western Style room)

Tokyo Keio Plaza - Tokyo Sheraton Miyako or similar (Western Style room)

Okayama - Hotel Granvia Okayama, Mitsui Garden Hotel

Kanazawa - Nikko Kanazawa hotel

These Hotels & Ryokans are our preferred selection for all our escorted small group tours. However occasionally 'similar' alternative accommodation may be required, subject to availability of the above etc. See individual itineraries for hotels standards mentioned for each tour.

Staying in a Ryokan is a must try experience - See our Ryokan & Onsen Guide to find out more and understand the etiquette.

Western style rooms have either a twin or double bed. Japanese style rooms have futon style beds laid on Tatami mats in the traditional Japanese manner. Many of our superb ryokans and hotels have both Japanese and Western style rooms. Ask for details if this is of particular preference. Many Hotels and Ryokans offer 'Onsen' hot spring spa facilities, which is much recommended and uniquely Japanese experience.

Guided Japan tours - Hotel & Ryokan Selection

We have created what we believe is an unrivalled selection of tried and tested hotel & Ryokans. Each has been hand picked due to their quality, great locations and standard of service. Our range of standard and deluxe hotels and Ryokans will ensure your stay in Japan is magical. Many Hotels and Ryokans include Onsen Hot pring Spa facilities and Japanese style rooms are available upon request in many places.

Shiba Park Hotel Tokyo - Tokyo. Standard option - Great location in central Tokyo.

Shiba Park hotel tokyo Shiba Park hotel tokyo Shiba Park hotel tokyo

Shinagawa Prince Tokyo - Tokyo. Conveniently located close to restaurants and station.

Shinagawa Prince hotel  tokyo Shinagawa Prince hotel tokyo Shinagawa Prince hotel tokyo

Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa - Tokyo. Upgrade option.

takanawa prince hotel tokyo takanawa prince hotel tokyo takanawa prince hotel tokyo

Keio Plaza Hotel - Tokyo. Conveniently located close to station.

takanawa prince hotel tokyo takanawa prince hotel tokyo

Park Hotel - Tokyo. Upgrade option.

pacific hotel tokyo pacific hotel tokyo

Palace Hotel Hakone. The hotel is located atop a hill in the Sengoku-hara Highlands, surrounded by the volcanic crater walls of Hakone.

hakone hotels hakone hotels

Hakone Hotel Kowakien - Hakone spar hotel. Upgrade option.

hakone hotels hakone hotels hakone hotels

Yumoto Fujiya Hotel - Hakone hotel with indoor & outdoor 'onsen' spa facilities- (Standard on Classic Japan & Splendours of Japan tours)

Hotel Castle Plaza - Nagoya. Conveniently located close to station.

japanese style room  

Kanko Hotel - Nagoya. Upgrade option. Located in city centre, 5 minutes ride to station.

New Miyako hotel - Kyoto. Standard & upgrade option both available. Conveniently located close to station.

new miyako hotel new miyako hotel kyoto

Karasuma Kyoto Hotel - Kyoto. With one of the most convenient locations in the city, easy access to all major transportation links.

new miyako hotel new miyako hotel kyoto

Granvia hotel - Kyoto. Upgrade option. Conveniently located close to station.

granvia hotel kyoto granvia hotel kyoto

Rihga Royal Hotel - Kyoto. Upgrade option. Central location.

granvia hotel kyoto granvia hotel kyoto

Kyoto Ryokan experience -

hakone hotels ryokan ryokan
  ryokan   ryokan

Kyoto Ryokan experience - Kinoe Ryokan. Kinoe Ryokan is a traditional Japanese-style hotel situated in the Gion district of Kyoto. Gion is one of the most historic areas in Kyoto and is famous as "the district of Geisha". Kinoe Ryokan is located near Yasaka Shrine, Kodai-ji Temple and Kennin-ji Temple which is the first Zen Temple in Japan. Kinoe Ryokan provides beautiful traditional Japanese cuisine for dinner and ensures a warm welcome offering supreme hospitality.

Kyoto Ryokan experience - Tazuru Ryokan Is centrally located in a quiet location between the Kamo River and Takase Rivers with a backdrop of the peaks of the Higashiyama mountains. Guests can immerse themselves in the traditional atmosphere of Kyoto, while enjoying beautiful Kyoto-style cuisine prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients. The ryokan's location allows guests to enjoy strolling through nearby Kawaramachi, Pontocho and Shijo / Gion areas of Kyoto (approx 10 minutes). The Ryokan also offers communial bathing with scenic views.

Kanazawa Miyako - Kanazawa

kanazawa hotel kanazawa hotel kanazawa hotel

ANA Kanazawa - Kanazawa. Upgrade option.

kanazawa hotel kanazawa hotel

Hida Hotel Plaza -Takayama

hida hotel takayama hida hotel takayama

Granvia Hotel or Rihga Royal Hotel - Osaka

granvia hotel osaka granvia hotel osaka


granvia hotel osaka granvia hotel osaka


4 STAR - Kariyushi Beach Resort & Ocean Spa:Situated on a vast hillside

4 STAR -Rissan Sea Park Hotel Tancha Bay: beautiful clear waters

4 STAR -Laguna Garden Hotel: good location for shopping/sightseeing

Ginsyou Luxury Ryokan - Ibusuki

Hakushikan Luxury Ryokan - Kyushu

Our escorted small group hotel & Ryokan selection is as shown in each itinerary and is unlikey to change, however this is subject to availability and local conditions which are out of our control. In the unlikely event that we need to change hotels due to local conditions which are out of our control, a similar standard will be provided and we will act in your best interests to handle any amendments. For our Guided tours Magical Japan will choose one of the above hotels in this selection depending on availability. Upgrade options are as shown. All images shown are for guidance purposes only & you may stay in a room which is different from the examples shown.

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